What is Plan50+ ?

Plan50+ offers you the opportunity to plan a healthy and active lifestyle online. Plan50+ assesses your current level of physical activity and your eating habits in comparison to international recommendations. It also assesses your current status of mental wellbeing. Based on this assessment, the planner recommends how you can improve your health behaviour on your own in selected aspects. Plan 50+ furthermore assists you in the implementation of new activities by supporting you in setting goals to change your health behaviour, planning activities according to these goals and tracking your personal progress.

5 steps to become active

You are only 5 steps away to becoming active in your daily life with the support of Plan50+. To start the online based activity planner, please follow the following steps:

Physical Activity
Being physically active has many benefits for your health such as lower risks of chronic diseases, prevention of falling as well as higher levels of functional health, cognitive functioning and wellbeing. The good news is that it is never too late to start being physically active and to benefit from physical activities in your daily life. There are many sport disciplines such as jogging, dancing, swimming, biking or ball sports. You will have to find out which discipline you like most. However, this is only one of the possibilities for being physically active. Other daily activities such as going on foot or by bicycle (instead of using the car), using steps (instead of elevators), household chores or gardening are also important physical activities. Find out what kind of activities you like so that you can integrate more physical activities in your daily life and reduce your daily sitting time (sedentary lifestyle). Sport and physical activities can give much pleasure. They often bring people together. You can either become active together with your friends, family or neighbours, or you can just meet new people. It‘s worth it to start being more active and to start trying new things!
The eating behaviour of older adults is influenced by many factors. Besides basic knowledge of dietary recommendations and cultural characteristics, especially individual preferences and aversions, health status, current living conditions, and eating habits influence the intake of everyday meals. The Healthy Active Living Course aims to support older adults in recognizing their own nutrition-related behavioural patterns and to provide new ideas for maintaining or improving their nutritional status. Nutritional status is an important element for wellbeing and satisfaction in old age. This includes not only a balanced diet and an adequate energy and nutrient intake but also the (re-) establishment of dining culture, pleasure and sociability. Plan 50+ mainly focusses on nutritional status.
Mental wellbeing
Mental wellbeing means sharpness of wit and a self awareness that is conducive to better physical safety and is associated with a better overall mood. Mindfulness is part of mental wellbeing and is more a process than a cognitive intervention which greatly enhances peace of mind and enables a fuller engagement in the here and now. It is very good for releasing stress and well known for its positive effects on people who suffer from high blood pressure. Mindfulness is made up of simple mental focusing exercises to improve concentration and release stress including gentle breathing exercises that promote health within the body and mind. It is easy to learn and do and is highly regarded by both medical and mental professionals because of its well documented effects from scientific research.

So register now and start enjoying your healthy active life!